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Welcome to the NAAFP Decision Aids. This suite of integrated tools can help you make the choices required for partipation in 2014 Farm Bill and for choices available under crop insurance.

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Terms and Disclaimer

This software is intended for educational use. It was developed solely to provide information so producers could better understand the economic implications of their choices under the 2014 Farm Bill. The Decision Aid uses the most current NASS, FSA, and RMA information, and these values will be updated from time to time. The Decision Aid answers may differ from those of USDA agencies and insurance providers. The Decision Aid allows users to save their information as a service to the user. Users who do not want their data saved can delete it at any time. After signup is completed, FAPRI and AFPC researchers may aggregate the results of all decision aid users to evaluate the effectiveness of various program options at mitigating risk. No individual user's data will be disclosed.

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